1040Now Review 2020 – Misses The Mark Again This Year

1040Now is a tax software that has done little to improve it’s interface in the past year (or even the past decade by appearances). While the software still works, it’s hard to use and one we recommend to avoid this year.If you’ve used it historically, you may want to consider other options. This is why we don’t recommend 1040Now in 2020.Want to know more about 1040Now.com alternatives? Check out our list of the best tax software here.

1040Now offers a simple pricing format for users. We couldn’t find any free file options on 1040Now.Federal filing costs $19.95. State filing costs $17.95 per state. Overall, this puts 1040Now in the middle tier for pricing.

1040Now has some of the worst navigation in the tax software industry. Each page is cluttered with information, and users have to work to figure out how to advance to the next section. It does not guide you through the software with simple to understand questions.The hyperlinks generally open entirely new tabs, so users have to navigate through multiple tabs to get the information needed to file.If this were the year 2001, it may be a software with decent navigation, but the old school interface hasn’t kept up with the times.

Example Screen From 1040Now Navigation

With navigation actively detracting from ease of use, it’s tough for a software to make a decent showing. And 1040Now doesn’t improve the ease of use on its own merits. Users cannot import W-2 forms or other documents, so all information is manually entered.If there’s anything positive to say about 1040Now it’s that each section ends with a summary. The detailed summary will allow experienced filers to catch mistakes and update their information accordingly.

1040Now has a very limited knowledge base that primarily focuses on how to file taxes. The software has a few “More Details” links that give details on complex tax situations. However, these are too far and few in between in my opinion.

1040Now is a bare bones software service. The only “extra” that users can count on is the email support from the customer service team. This is not a tax professional team, so the support is tech only.

1040Now doesn’t offer special guidance to help you file crypto investments in 2020. However, it has all the forms needed for people who traded or mined crypto investments in 2020.

1040Now requires users to opt into multi-factor authentication, and the software enforces the multi-factor requirement each time you log in. For a software that’s generally behind the times, the security is excellent.

1040Now is a software stuck in the early 2000s. We found it tough to use, and we don’t recommend it for anyone. Even Credit Karma Tax which is entirely free, offers a superior experience. TaxSlayer costs a bit more, but has more opportunities for reasonably priced upgrades (such as advice from a tax pro and audit protection). And if you’re an active trader, you’ll probably want to pay for a service like TurboTax that can connect to your brokerage and calculate your tax burden for you.

Written by Investors Wallets

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