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Historically, has been one of the only tax return services that offered free filing for people in almost all circumstances.However, in 2020, is no longer offering free services. If you attempt to use the website, you’ll be directed to Liberty Tax Online’s filing software. The prices match the prices offered by Liberty Tax.Here’s what you need to know about Also, make sure you check our full list of the Best Tax Software.

In 2020,, doesn’t offer free filing. The site redirects to Liberty Tax Online, and you’ll have to pay for Liberty Tax’s prices. 

The advertised price structure for Liberty Tax is below:

Important Note: During user testing we noticed that the real pricing doesn’t match the advertised pricing. Right now, users will pay $25 for Federal filing and state filing is included for free. Additionally, users earning less than $100,000 who don’t have dependents can file for free.

You can read a full review of Liberty Tax Online for 2020 here.

Historically, has been one of the few filing services that offered free filing for most filers. Unfortunately, isn’t free anymore. Even though the interface was never great, it’s tough for filers to see a truly free filing software exit the marketplace.If you’re hoping for free tax filing, we recommend Credit Karma Tax which offers free State and Federal filing. If you don’t qualify for Credit Karma Tax (due to earning money in multiple states or a few other situations), consider a bargain software such as FreeTaxUSA.

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