Robinhood ReviewAre Commission Free Trades Worth It?

Robinhood has become a dominant force in the investing industry – offering commission free trades to its users, the ability to trade options and even crypto currency, and now it even has checking and savings accounts with a high yield!It bills itself as the future of money (both investing and now banking) – with $0 trades, a fancy smartphone app, and a bunch of fancy investment-backers that would make it the envy of any Wall Street firm.But as a customer and investor, is it’s commission-free trading platform worth it? Should you give it a try as an investor?Here are my honest thoughts on Robinhood. If you want to skip the Robinhood review, the bottom line is that there are better free alternatives for long term investors.We recommend Fidelity and TD Ameritrade because they both offer $0 commission-free trades, $0 minimum IRAs and are full service. They are a better solution because they offer many more tools and resources for the long term. And they both have great apps.Bonus:  When you sign up with Robinhood, you can get a free share of stock!

Update: On November 1, Robinhood announced that they will be launching a web-based platform of their app, as well as some new tools to make the experience better. If you’ve been a beta tester, please share your insights. We will update this review as we try out their new products.Update: On December 13, Robinhood announced that they will be launching options trading on their platform for free. If you’re interested, you must join the waitlist and we’ll share more when we can. However, we do know that you can’t use Gold Buying Power for options spreads, and you must use your margin limits or cash on hand to cover the maximum loss.Update: On January 25, 2018, Robinhood announced free crypto trading will be rolling out in February. Only Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH) will be available for trading when that rolls out to waves of users starting in California, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, and New Hampshire.Update: On October 1, 2019, Robinhood announced it will begin offering a cash management account – with a solid high yield on your money! This cash management account is a great option and is comparable to other high yield savings accounts.Update: On December 17, 2019, Robinhood announced it will begin to support fractional share investing, and dividend reinvestment plans (DRiP).Robinhood does everything through it’s smartphone app. Even if you sign up on their website at, you still have to download their app.Once I signed up on the website, I received an email with a link to download the Robinhood app. I followed the link and got started.

 Once I downloaded the Robinhood App for my iPhone, I opened it up. After you login with your information, it asks you to create a Watchlist.I didn’t really understand what was even happening at this point – I seriously just entered my login information and it started populating a Watchlist. I wish it didn’t do that (and you don’t have a choice to skip it that I saw).

The next screen asks if you want Smart Notifications for the app. I opted out of this because I hate notifications on my iPhone. I’m sure others will find this feature useful though:

The next screen asks you to fund your account. Out of every app I have ever used, this has been the most intuitive part of the process. I find linking bank accounts can be a challenge, even on a desktop computer, but Robinhood made this easy.Once your account is funded, you’ll receive a confirmation email and an alert on the iPhone app. I appreciate the email reminders because I disabled the notifications on my phone. Here’s what your account screen looks like:

However, before I could do anything else, Robinhood once again asked me to setup a bunch of investment objectives. I didn’t really understand the purpose of these, as they don’t seem to have any software or help to customize a portfolio or trade.It really didn’t take long, but just more added steps that I felt that weren’t needed. It was all pretty standard stuff, but seemed like a robo-advisor:

Now that you have your account funded, you can start using the Robinhood App to look up and trade stocks.They have some very elegant ways to look up stock information. Here’s what I started with, looking up Abbott Labs (ABT). Once you look up the stock symbol, it gives you a quote, basic chart, and other basic information about the stock.This is all trading information – they don’t have any fundamental information about the company:

Before you can make a trade, Robinhood does have this cool feature that lets you look at “Popular Stocks” based on what others are doing on their app.While I don’t like to base my investment decision on what others are doing, a little voyeurism is always fun:

When I went to make my first trade, I thought I’d keep it simple and just invest in SPY. So, I typed in the symbol for SPY and got a quote.I then clicked the big Buy button on the screen and it brought me to the order screen. It’s very intuitive and easy to use to place an order. You simply type in the shares you want to buy and the price. If you don’t want a market order, you can tap the “Market” and switch it to a limit order.After that, you review your order. Then, you just swipe up to submit. Personally, I hate having to swipe to access features on a phone. Just let me push a button.

Robinhood Gold gives you:Here’s where it gets tricky. The pricing for all of this is pretty high in my opinion. Of course, this is always subject to change (and please let us know in the comments if it does change):

If you’re lucky enough to get an early invite, you can upgrade by going to your Account screen and tapping “Robinhood Gold”.After stumbling to launch their cash account, Robinhood now offers a cash management account with a solid APY that’s competitive to the top high yield savings accounts out there.The account currently pays you 1.80% APY. Like all variable rates, this could go up or down over time.The account has no minimum requirements, no monthly fee, no overdraft fee, and comes with a Mastercard debit card to easily access your money at their huge network of fee-free ATMs.The only drawbacks with this account are that they don’t reimburse other ATM fees, and you do have to use their app. However, if you’re good with those conditions, enjoy a great cash management product.I’m always leery when I see a company offering something for nothing. This company isn’t a non-profit. It’s venture backed and will be looking to go public and make people rich. But, in order to do so, they need to make money, so how do they do it? They break it down here.They have two models. First, they sell your information to third party companies. This is a big revenue generator for them, but it does have the potential to cost individual investors money on trades. You can read more about it in this article.Second, they have their Robinhood Gold account, which you do pay a subscription for to have access to things like margin trading. For the long term investor, these don’t really matter. Paying $0.01 more (potentially) per share shouldn’t impact a long-term buy and hold investor. However, if you’re a trader (which Robinhood’s platform isn’t geared towards), this could be costly. This is pretty simple: no.I don’t see Robinhood as the replacement for anything. I see them as a novelty. I found the app okay to use, not great. I couldn’t imagine holding a portfolio within this app/company and trying to manage it.If you trade frequently, the app may be handy, but the research features are too basic to be of any use. Furthermore, I can’t image trading from a phone.Pros:Cons:Robinhood has set themselves up as a game-changing mobile-first brokerage. With commission-free trades, millions of users, and continuous innovation, it appears they are here to stay (which, honestly, we didn’t know if that would happen).If you’re looking to get started investing with a small amount of cash, then Robinhood should be a broker you check out.If you need something a little more robust, I’d honestly recommend opening an IRA or brokerage account at a mainstream brokerage like TD Ameritrade or Fidelity.What most people don’t realize is that you can open an IRA with no minimum, you can get access to hundreds of commission free ETFs, and you have a great app to use. You essentially can build your entire diversified portfolio for free, on an app. Check out TD Ameritrade for yourself.Don’t just take my word for it with this review, try Robinhood for free right here: Signup for Robinhood

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