Gabi Review: Find LowCost Auto And Home Insurance Rates

If you haven’t shopped around for home and auto insurance lately, you might be overpaying for insurance. Insurance rates change all the time, and unless you compare and shop around, you’ll never know how much you can save.That’s where Gabi comes in. Gabi is an auto and home insurance comparison tool that leverages technology to help find you the best insurance for your needs.If that sounds interesting, check out our Gabi review, and try it out to see if you can save money on your insurance policies!

Gabi is an online insurance broker licensed in all 50 states. They search top auto insurance providers to find the lowest insurance coverage for you.Gabi was started in 2016 and is located in San Francisco. Its CEO is Dr. Hanno Fichtner. Gabi does not have a Better Business Bureau rating.

Gabi uses technology to automate finding the best auto insurance based on the information you provide to them. They list top auto insurance providers along with information on each one to help you make a selection.Gabi will often bundle multiple policies for a lower rate. In addition to auto insurance, they also offer motorcycle and RV insurance, as well as homeowners insurance.Gabi claims that it generates savings for two-thirds of its customers. These savings average $865 per year.Gabi is an insurance broker. They act as an insurance search engine, and once you find a policy you like, you’ll purchase the policy from them. There are no heavy sales tactics with Gabi. You never have to speak/deal with the future insurance company at all, it’s all handled through their team – that is a huge differentiator for Gabi vs. other insurance comparison sites.To get a quote using Gabi’s insurance search tool, begin by entering your insurance policy and personal information. Once you get past the halfway point, you’ll be asked to create an account with Gabi.Searching for insurance through Gabi will not impact your credit score. Although, the provider may do a soft pull as part of their approval process, which should also not impact your credit score. Check with the provider to be sure.Direct-to-consumer, as it is called, has shown a high satisfaction among consumers. Unlike years past where it was difficult to comparison shop insurance, and much of what was behind any rates was obscured, today consumers have plenty of tools to shop around. They also have more transparency into each policy, allowing them to make highly informed decisions.Direct-to-consumer was the main theme behind J.D. Power’s 2019 auto insurance customer satisfaction survey.“Auto insurance customers have more access, control and visibility into the details of their policies, and that is translating into record highlevels of customer satisfaction,” stated Robert Lajdziak, Senior Consultant for Insurance Intelligence at J.D. Power. “As customers take greater control of their auto policies, it’s also becoming more important for insurers to offer superior digital experiences and easy access to account management features such as bill pay, policy information and an integrated experience for customers who bundle multiple policies.”The highest-ranked auto insurance companies by region were:In addition to using Gabi’s search tool, it’s worth checking the different insurance rating agencies once you find a top contender. These rating agencies include AM Best, Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, FitchRatings, Kroll Bond Rating Agency, Inc. (KBRA).

Gabi never charges users any fees. You can read more about how they make money here.Also, when speaking to a provider, it may not be clear what their various fees are. Be sure you understand where all of the different fees are coming from and that any quoted rate is inclusive of fees.Additionally, you might be able to get a discount for auto payments out of your checking account and paying annually rather than monthly.

To open an account with Gabi, just visit and start a rate quote. Near the end of the process, you’ll be asked to create an account.You can complete the entire process online without having to speak to an agent the entire time. However, their agents are available to talk on the phone if you want, but it is certainly not required.

Yes — they use 128-bit encryption on their website and say they are dedicated to protecting your data. It’s worth pointing out that most websites use 256-bit encryption.

Yes — there is no charge for using Gabi and you could end up finding a lower rate insurance provider.Like similar insurance search sites, you have to give up a lot of your personal data, including uploading your insurance policy. If you don’t mind giving yet another company your personal information, it might be worth it.But there is also the chance that they will not find any savings. In that case, you will have given up your information for nothing in return. Well, maybe confirmation that you already have a great policy, which is worth knowing.

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