The Best Flexible Work At Home Jobs For College Students

As a college student it can be tough to find a job that fits in with your schedule. Between going to class, studying, and maintaining some sort of social life, squeezing in work can be If you’re looking for options that don’t interfere with your classes, I’ve rounded up some very flexible work from home jobs. While some of these will require you to commit to a schedule (that works for you) many of these are work when you want type jobs. These are perfect for the very busy student who needs to earn some extra cash!Here are ten flexible work at home jobs for college students.

When I think of customer service, working at home isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. But, believe it or not, there MANY companies that run virtual call centers with at-home employees.If you are great on the phone and like helping people you might like these positions:

Apple at Home Advisors are normally the first point of contact for Apple users who need customer service or technical support. Apple will supply you with an iMac and headset for the job. You will need a hard-wired, high-speed internet connection and a quiet, distraction free place to work.While shifts vary based on available jobs Apple has shown preference to college students enrolled in certain Universities in the past. You can learn more about Apple at Home Advisor jobs here.

Alorica is a company that contracts with businesses that need customer service or technical support help. As an agent working for Alorica you’ll be handling various customer service calls.To qualify you will need a PC, headset, and a landline phone.The great thing about Alorica is that they do allow you to set your own hours. You can learn more about becoming an agent with Alorica here.

Tutoring is a great part-time job option for college students, both in person and online.If you’re looking to get started with online tutoring here are three companies worth checking out:

Student tutor hires tutors to help kids in the 6th – 12th grade with various subjects. Some of the subjects that are currently in-demand include Math, Science, and ACT/SAT.To qualify you must currently have a GPA of 3.0 or better and have previous experience tutoring 6th-12th graders.You can apply to tutor with Student Tutor here.

Chegg hires tutors as contractors to help with hundreds of subjects on both the high school and college level. To qualify you must have prior tutoring experience and be enrolled in a 4-year university.Pay starts at $20 per hour. You can apply to be a tutor with Chegg here.

Cambly is a bit different than other tutoring jobs – Instead of tutoring you’ll be talking to people around the world who want to practice their English.With Cambly you download an app and then video chat with those needing to practice their English by talking to them in a conversational way.No previous experience necessary. Pay is $0.17/minute or $10.20 per hour.You can sign up with Cambly here.

If you’ve never heard of it before, transcription is listening to audio files and typing out the audio into specific software. To be a good transcriptionist you need to be a quick and accurate typer. I wouldn’t classify general transcription as a high paying work from home job, but if you’re a quick typer they are worth checking out.If you’re interested in trying out transcription work the two companies below are often hiring and offer very flexible schedules.

3PlayMedia is a company that provides transcription, subtitling, and closed captioning to their customers. They often have transcriptionist and transcript editor work at home jobs available. These jobs entail transcribing audio and/or editing imperfect transcriptions.You must have a PC or Mac, high speed internet connection, be at least 18 years old, and type at least 75 wpm. Work is flexible. Pay is $10-$30 per hour depending on your speed and accuracy.If interested you can find an application here. hires both work from home transcriptionists and captioners. The pay is less than that of 3PlayMedia but the work is very flexible.Transcriptionists earn anywhere from $0.36 – $0.65 per audio minute. Captioners earn $0.45- $0.75 per audio minute. (Audio minute = one minute of audio NOT how long it takes you to transcribe or caption that minute. This means you will earn much less than the rate per audio minute.)If you want to check out you can find more info here.

Are you a good writer? If so, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to find work online. I most often recommend that writers find their own clients through outreach. However, if you’re looking for places you can sign up with and begin working right away, you might like these:

Verblio is a company that contracts writers to provide online content for their clients. Writers can create emails, eBooks, blog posts and more.To qualify you’ll need to be at least 18 years old, have a valid social security number, as well as strong research and writing skills. Pay starts at $10.50 for a 300-400 word post.If you’re interested in Verblio you can find their application here.

This company contracts writers to provide content on various subjects including automotive, education, travel, and technology, just to name a few.To qualify as a writer, you will need to fill out an application and submit a custom writing sample. (If accepted you’ll be paid $10 for your writing sample.)Pay ranges from $15 to $50 per article. You can learn more here.

BKA hires SEO content writers, product description writers, premium writers, and web content writers. They offer flexibility, allowing their writers to choose which assignments they want. All they ask is that writers contribute a minimum of 2,000 words per week.To apply you’ll first have to pass a grammar test. After that, two 350-word samples will be required.Pay is 1.5 to 5 cents per word. You can learn more and fill out an application here.

If you have a packed schedule there are still plenty of ways for you to earn money.Since most of these jobs are pretty flexible you can try out one or even use a couple of these opportunities to earn the extra money that you need.

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