Affinityy Review: Earn Some Cash for Shopping Online

Are you looking for an easy way to boost you income? Affinityy is a newer cash back tool that allows you to earn rebates for online shopping, as well as by getting bonuses for taking surveys and more.It might not make you a millionaire, but if you’re looking for something simple that gives you some earning potential for doing things that you already do, check out Affinityy.We break it down in our Affinityy review below.

Affinityy is a cash-back website that rewards its users for shopping through the Affinityy site. Users receive cash back that is paid into their PayPal accounts.Affinityy is upfront about how it makes money, which is done by sending retailers leads. Affinityy then takes its earnings and shares them with its users in the form of cash-back rewards.Affinityy is based in New York, NY.

Affinityy’s main pitch is cash-back rewards through its Affinityy cash-back program. You have to sign up with the website to take advantage of cash-back rewards. Affinityy doesn’t waste any time in giving people cash back. You’ll get $20 just for signing up, once you’ve made a $10 purchase within 14 days.Note that these signup offers do change. The one listed on the website now may be different than the one described above by the time you read this.Besides the signup bonus and cash back for shopping, you can earn money in other ways such as adding the Affinityy button to your web browser and taking surveys. You can receive $10 as well for referring a friend.Some of the retailers available through Affinityy include:Cash-back rewards for shopping are based on total qualified purchases. A qualified purchase is one that is made from the Affinityy website and during the same click session.Affinityy adds a special token to the store’s shopping cart to ensure your purchase is qualified. If you make a purchase without going through the Affinityy website, it will not count as a qualified purchase.Items that are not qualified purchases include the following:After you make a qualified purchase, there is a delay before you’re paid. Cash-back payouts from qualified purchases will go into a “Pending Cash Back” state within five days after your purchase. You can view the amount you have in “Pending Cash Back” from your Affinityy account. Cash back can remain pending for up to 60 days to account for any exchanges or refunds in merchandise.Any cash back that has been removed from pending will go into “Available Cash Back.” This is money you can withdraw from your Affinityy account. Note that you can only withdraw money in $50 increments. Money is deposited into your PayPal account, or you can request a check.

Cash-back rewards for shopping isn’t the only service that Affinityy offers. You can get a personal loan or get matched up with a realtor through Affinityy. Both come with cash-back rewards.Personal loans range from $1,000 to $50,000 with three- and five-year terms. Rates on these loans range from 7.98% to 35.99% APR. Affinityy allows you to pay the loan off early without incurring a penalty.You’ll be able to check your rate without any impact on your credit score. It only takes two minutes. The cash-back reward on personal loans is $100.Affinityy doesn’t issue personal loans. Instead, they use Upstart. Factors taken into consideration for loan approval include credit score, employment status, academic history and area of study, and credit history.Buying a home through Affinityy means getting matched with one of Affinityy’s 20,000 affiliated real estate agents in the U.S. Once matched, you can earn up to $5,000 cash back. The process includes completing a homebuyer form, getting matched to a local real estate agent, and finally completing the home purchase.Affinityy will then pay out your cash-back within 30 days of closing on the home. Like shopping, Affinityy sends leads to local real estate agents and earns a commission. It then passes those commissions to its users in the form of cash-backs.

No — there aren’t any fees.

You can open an account by signing up here.

Be sure to read Affinityy’s privacy policy to fully understand what happens to your data. You can read it at summary, as you might imagine, your data is shared with non-affiliates and affiliates alike. This includes merchants, third parties, affiliates, and service providers.

If you are okay with giving up a certain amount of your data to earn money, Affinityy can be worth it. Like other similar rewards for shopping sites, you aren’t going to make a living from the money earned with Affinityy. But it can certainly add a little money to your monthly income.

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