Decluttr Review: The Easiest Way To Sell Stuff And Earn Cash

Do you have old cell phones, MacBooks, game CDs, DVDs, books, and game consoles lying around your house gathering dust?Are you about to move across the country and don’t know what to do about all the old tech devices that are making you no money at all?Or perhaps you don’t want to sell at all but you would love to be able to buy an excellent iPhone 7 for a reasonable price?I found a solution for you and it’s called Decluttr.In this post, I’ll give you my honest assessment of Decluttr and what you can expect whether you choose to buy or sell on the platform.Let’s delve right in to our Decluttr review.

is a website that allows you to sell your old cell phones, MacBook computers, tablets, wearable tech, CDs, DVDs, game consoles, and more!For sellers, Decluttr may look like every other e-commerce solution out there. However, there are a few things that make Decluttr different:Get rid of your old tech easilymake money?Here’s how to get started on Decluttr.

Signing up for a Decluttr account is super easy.Beyond your name and email address, they will ask you for your date of birth and mailing address with a zip code.You need to put in your physical mailing address because this is where Decluttr will send you the shipping label once your item is approved for sale.Once you’ve filled out all this information, you are ready to start using Decluttr.As of this writing, Decluttr only takes orders from the 48 contiguous states of the U.S.

Now that you’ve signed up, it’s time to declutter those old devices!

Decluttr offers a free valuation service.To access this feature, enter the name of your item or any relevant barcodes on the item.Once this is done, Decluttr will tell you what your item is worth.In this example below, we entered the LG K20 Plus cell phone and immediately, Decluttr displayed the price shown in the image below.

As you can see, the price offered by Decluttr is for a phone that is in good condition and which doesn’t have any major damage beyond normal wear and tear.If your device is in poor condition or is faulty, you will be able to select and display prices for those conditions as well.If you’re satisfied with the price you’re given, you will next click on the green “SELL THIS DEVICE” button to sell your device to Decluttr.

If you have more than one device, you will be able to search for their value and add them to your “Selling Basket.”Once you are done, you will complete your order and Decluttr will pick it up from there.

When your order is done, you will download a shipping label from the Decluttr website.You will then pack all the items you included in your selling basket and attach the shipping label to your box and send it over to Decluttr.You can select between getting paid via PayPal, direct deposit, or check.Once Decluttr receives your items and accepts them, they promise to send you payment the next day.

Want to buy some of the latest tech for reduced prices? Decluttr is for you too.Decluttr has a large assortment of cell phones, MacBooks, games, and game consoles that have been refurbished and are ready to be used.Most of the devices on Decluttr have a 12-month warranty.And, they offer free shipping on all orders.

I think Decluttr is great whether you are ready to get rid of your old devices and earn some cash for them or if you want to buy quality, certified refurbished devices you’ll enjoy.Click here to start a brand new account on Decluttr.

Written by Investors Wallets

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