A Nine To Five Worker To Jersey Hustler

Two reasons why I grind so hard is because I love the way it feels and I remember my broke days.During my broke days, I barely had clothes and shoes and I got criticized over that during middle school to junior year in high school until I became a Women in Business at the age of 16 in July 1, 2017. Where I grew up, project kids be hustling. As a Jersey hustler, never be afraid to try something new because life gets boring when you stay with the limits of what you already knew.

In 2017, I started working as a cashier at Winn Dixie when I was 16. I decided to get a job to get out of my comfort zone and recover from my heart break.After a while working at a 9-5 job, it made me realize to never depend on one way to get money. Then I decided to have a side hustle.During my senior year one day I was going through my Snapchat and saw one of my classmates posting that he needed someone to do his online Spanish class for $100 so I swiped up to respond that I’m interested. Around graduation week, I sold my graduation tickets and received $35.Then during my first semester in freshman year of college, I helped someone from my Computer Science class on their classwork and received $5. I even received tips as a cashier and doing take outs at my job.Then while ago on Instagram I saw an Ad from FAU promoting about selling your college class notes and Studysoup too. While I was working at Winn Dixie, I had a 2nd job which was Studysoup and so far I earned $50 for doing a study guide.When I was in high school, I didn’t want to only depend only on financial aid for my college tuition so I went money hunting and I received a $1,500 scholarship from Young Women of Tomorrow. I’m currently in Broward College to pursue any major involved with business and then transfer after two years to Florida Atlantic University.

My goal is to have an online store on Shopify to sell t-shirts, start a blog about self-love and do Forex trading.How my parents encouraged me to work was their story. My dad hustled at a really young age by washing cars in Peru and my mom as a housekeeper when I was a child.When I was in middle school, my dad had a small business of pressure cleaning which inspired me to have a small business too for now.Seeing my parents struggle made me emotional because they shouldn’t be working at their age today but they do it for me and my two little sisters. At one point, I was homeless when I was 13 with my family. We moved to 3 different homes from my parents friends but they were toxic.I lost a lot of toxic friends who called me broke and didn’t value me during my journey until I realize God removes the fake people out of your life because you have bigger blessings in the future so he doesn’t want those type of people to get in the way to ruin it.I rather be tired than BROKE! I’m always going to get that job, scholarship and doing someone’s school work money! To all my hustlers out there, keep grinding! Your life can change in one year because when you’re determined. When you a real hustler, you can do ANYTHING!

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Written by Investors Wallets

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