Republic Wireless Review | Great Low Priced Cell Phone Service

I first got the chance to try Republic Wireless in 2013, and to be completely honest I was skeptical that I’d actually get service.You see, instead of relying on solely on phone towers Republic Wireless takes a different approach throwing Wi-Fi into the mix. And since the Republic Wireless services relies heavily on the use of Wi-Fi I thought there’d be no way I’d have service in a small town.That’s not to say that Republic Wireless is perfect. Every product has its own set of ups and downs. However, the price of Republic Wireless makes it an appealing cell phone for anyone on a tight budget.Here’s my honest Republic Wireless review – 5 years later. And see why Republic Wireless continues to make our list of the best cell phone plans for college students (or anyone looking to save money).

Republic Wireless offers a bunch of different plans ranging from $15-$40 per month. The difference in each plan is really how much CELL PHONE DATA you’re going to use. Remember, Republic Wireless is a hybrid of cell data and WiFi. You can always use unlimited WiFi, but if you need cell data, you’re going to need to pay more.All plans include:You can also change your data monthly if you notice you are using more or less data.The plans are as follows:As you can see, you basically add 1GB of data for $5 more. That continues if you go over 5GB per month.The also offer a variety of phone options, but no iPhone sadly.You can get: the Moto X, Moto G, and Moto E, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S10, and several LG phones. These are all smart phones running on the Android system and each has a different set of features.There are no contracts with Republic Wireless. You simply pay as you go and are able to change your plans up to two time every billing cycle. Plus they offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.The best part of Republic Wireless is hands down the price. Republic Wireless has innovated cell phone plans with their low pricing and unique business model.There are no contracts and you can easily switch your plan whenever you see fit. If you find this isn’t working out for you, just cancel and you’re not stuck in a 2 or 3 year contract. This makes Republic Wireless a compelling choice if you’re looking for a low cost cell phone provider.Ironically, one of the bestworst features of Republic Wireless is the service.If you’re like me and live in a rural area then there may be a spot or two where you don’t get service. However, if you live in a larger city or are living on campus then this shouldn’t be a problem at all.Like I said, I was initially skeptical that Republic would work for me at all – but it did.Another disadvantage is the customer service. They don’t have a number you can call – it’s an online ticket support system. If you don’t need instant help, that’s okay. But sometimes it’s nice to get on the phone with someone.The only downside to Republic Wireless was that there were one or two places I couldn’t get service. But keep in mind I live in a very small rural town where Wi-Fi isn’t abundant. And remember, you could always pay a little more and get faster cell coverage. The WiFi only is the $15 per month plan, but you could opt for a $25 per month plan, which is still cheaper than any other cell phone service.For someone living on a college campus or medium to large city (where WiFi is everywhere) then the price and perks of Republic Wireless cannot be beat!

Written by Investors Wallets

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