The Best Apartment Search Websites to Find Your Next Place

Are you looking for your next apartment?Thankfully, these days you don’t have to go knocking on people’s doors to find a place to live. Or, looking for signs in your neighborhood to find rentals.In this post, we are sharing 14 of the best apartment search websites you should check out if you are looking for your next place.

Look for apartments, condos, townhomes, and even houses to rent on can filter your apartment search by looking for things like apartments that have a dishwasher or washing machine inside the residence or choose one based on their pet-friendliness.A unique feature on is a tool known as the SoundScore which tells you how loud (or quiet) a neighborhood you are researching is. works very much like except that when you run a search in the your desired area, it will also pull up apartments in nearby cities that might fit the apartment criteria you are looking for.Thus you may find something more suited to your needs in a nearby area and may find it might not affect your commute at all.

Most people consult Zillow when they are looking for a house to buy. It is however an excellent resource if you are looking to rent as well.If you are in fact looking to purchase a house, Zillow can give you estimated mortgage rates in the area where you are searching.There is even history of how many times the house has been sold and bought and at what price on the website. To reveal this information, you would need to create a free account on Zillow.Zillow can also be downloaded as an app on your mobile device. is nice because when you search for an apartment, it lists the availability of the apartment and the number to call right there on the search page.They also have public ratings by former renters on the search page so you can get a feel for how former tenants have liked the place.With most of the other websites, you typically will have to click through to another page to find out all this information.The company that owns also owns a website called, a website that is designed for helping students find apartments close to their school.

When you search for an apartment on this website, it pulls up a map of rentals in the area just like most of the other websites.However, what makes Apartment Finder different is that it tells you how many rentals are in the different neighborhoods you are researching. You can then click on the number displayed for an area to further explore your options.

Want to get ahead of the line of the many potential rental applicants? With Zumper, you can apply for apartments directly from Zumper using their Instant Apply function.If you download their app, you can also get real-time alerts of new rentals that have been posted that day.

Back in the day, you probably saw Apartment Guide magazines outside your favorite grocery store or pharmacy. While you might still notice these magazines, the operation has moved online.Search for college, military, luxury, senior, and corporate housing using Apartment Guide.

Lovely is unique because of its simple-to-use interface. There are no bells or whistles, just a simple question: “Where do you want to live?”After that, Lovely does all the work for you.

HotPads is similar to and in many ways and is another way for you to find the perfect place.

Trulia like Zillow is well known for for-sale listings. However, it is also useful for searching for rentals.They have a rent-vs.-buy calculator to help you calculate your costs with either option.

As the name suggests, Walk Score is for people who want to find an apartment/rental that is walkable.They have ranked 3,000 cities and 10,000 neighborhoods in the United States, Canada, and Australia where you can find the most walkable homes.So if walking and staying fit are important to you, Walk Score might be the website you want to check out.

Do you have kids? Do you want to choose a place to rent based on the quality of the school district? GreatSchools can help you do just that.Remember, the better the schools nearby, the more expensive the apartments usually are. But if you can find a 9 or 10 school, and a good priced apartment – jackpot!

It would be wrong if we didn’t mention Craigslist as a choice when it comes to finding your next place.Craigslist may get a bad rap sometimes but it is possible to find a great place using the website.Do you need a roommate for your rental? You can find one on Craigslist.Perhaps you are just looking to rent a room in a home or you’re looking for a temporary spot to lay your head before you move on. Craigslist can help you with that too.

Airbnb is not just great for when you are traveling. There are Airbnb hosts who will host you for weeks at a time if this is something you need.This is definitely not a long-term rental option. However, if you are looking for a place to crash for a month or so, you might be able to find an Airbnb host who can help you with that as long as you are willing to pay.

Finding a place to live can be stressful depending on where you live.With the choices we have laid out here in this post for you, however, it is possible for you to find a place even if you have short notice.Are there other websites you have used to find rentals? We would like to hear about them in the comments below!

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