Keep your eyes forward

To paraphrase Josh Brown in his informative, and entertaining, interview with Matt Ackermann on INTV last week — and I take no satisfaction in saying this — the current crisis has proven the value of having a solid internal tech platform. 

[Video: 3 Questions: Josh Brown]

Unlike Ritholtz Wealth, InvestmentNews was not born a remote firm, but over the past 12 months, we have invested in technology that enhances collaboration, and that has facilitated our quick shift to becoming a remote company that continues to deliver our weekly edition, as well as an active website. 

Prior to mid-March, we assembled the print edition in the office every Friday. Then, one Thursday, we were told that the office would be shut at the end of the day. Our tools allowed us to complete the issue the next day, and then to select and transition to a digital version so that we could continue to serve our readers who aren’t able to receive issues at the office anymore. 

I share this anecdote not to celebrate what’s happened in the past, but to emphasize that companies like ours and Josh’s have been rewarded for looking ahead. Importantly, we all need to take time now, in the midst of this crisis, to keep looking beyond the current moment to anticipate and develop solutions for whatever may come next.    

Written by Investors Wallets

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