Credible vs incredible information

While we find our way through the COVID-19 situation, I loved this wisdom found on my Twitter feed last Tuesday morning. 

 “Friendly reminder in times of uncertainty and misinformation: anecdotes are not data. (Good) data is carefully measured and collected information based on a range of subject-dependent factors, including, but not limited to, controlled variables, meta-analysis, and randomization.”

The point is essential to how we endeavor to serve you, our readers, and what will inform our efforts in the future when we return to our new normal.

We remain laser-focused on identifying and delivering the information you need to serve your clients. This is why we have launched our Navigating 2020 series, which has included three webcasts so far, with four more events coming over the next two months. The series is informed by and reacts to this ever-changing environment. You can find more information at

All the content that we put forth will be developed based on feedback we gather and analyze, and they will provide you with the information you need so that you and your clients can succeed in this new reality, which is tumultuous and odd.

Underscoring just how odd a time we are in? The quote above, came from Steak-Umm (@steak-umm).

Written by Investors Wallets

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