The power of information

There’s no pleasant way to discuss what has been going on in our society these past weeks. Rampant polarization continues to wreak havoc in new and painful ways. I won’t pretend to have solutions.

But I do believe that knowledge improves discourse, and discourse leads to solutions. Therefore, please find several great reads this week that address the unfortunate situation we find ourselves in.

Next, please take time to read Nicole Casperson’s reporting on how the nationwide protests have highlighted the challenges facing nonwhite advisers. The multiple sources and perspectives deserve your attention.

This third piece might be the most important read of the week. On LinkedIn, Shundrawn Thomas, president of Northern Trust, wrote “Breaking the Silence.” In it, he shares a startling story that speaks powerfully to current events.

Read. Absorb. And, just maybe, we can all do better.

Written by Investors Wallets

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