How To Start Driving For Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a delivery service that promises fast delivery of goods in 1-2 hours. A variety of items that qualify for Amazon Flex delivery are under the categories of Amazon Prime Now”, “Amazon Eats”, and in some cases, regular Amazon Prime orders.Amazon Flex Offers Consistent Pay, Freedom And FlexibilityWith flexible hours, good pay, and low levels of customer interaction, driving for Amazon Flex an attractive option for those that are looking to make some more money with their side hustle. You get to be your own boss, and you’re in control of how much or how little money you make. Amazon Flex Delivery Driver Requirements

The Flex app will always let you know what type of orders you will deliver, as well as steps for how to complete the deliveries. Here are the most common types of deliveries:

Attended Deliveries: Either the customer or another authorized person must be present.Alcohol Deliveries: The customer or recipient must show you their state issued ID. You have to scan their ID into the app or manually enter the ID number for proper verification.Chilled And Frozen Goods: The delivery will be inside a cool bag that contains a dry ice box. At the time of delivery, remove the package from the dry ice box, and return the dry ice to the pick up station at the end of your shift.Amazon Flex Drivers make anywhere from $18-$25/hour. Amazon says that $18 is the guaranteed rate and the higher amount is estimated to include tips, of which you keep 100%.Customers have the option to add a tip within 48 hours of delivery. Tip or no tip, you get a base rate of $18/hour, whether you are out on a delivery or waiting at the Amazon Pick Up location for your packages. You can easily track your earnings with the Amazon Flex app. You can schedule ahead or pick up any available block of time. Opportunities are available 7 days a week, so there is always a chance to earn. Using the app, you can plan your work schedule around your life.The payout for a delivery shift is fixed, and the fixed payout amount depends on the time of the shift, the difficulty, and the region. There are no surprises, since you will know exactly how much you will earn for each shift when you sign up for it.How Do You Get Paid?Flex drivers are paid twice each week via direct deposit. Inside the app, you can view upcoming scheduled payments and past payments.First, go to Amazon Flex website and select the city you want to work in. They have a list of all the major cities including Austin, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, and San Francisco.Amazon Flex is already in more than 50 cities. If you don’t see your city listed for Amazon Flex delivery, you can join their waitlist. The website says they are adding cities all the time. Next, you will be instructed to download the Amazon Flex App onto your smartphone. Once you download the app, you must agree to their terms and conditions. Then, you will enter your information, including name, address, phone number, driver’s license, and social security number. You will provide your tax information and your bank account information so that you can get paid via direct deposit.Finally, you will go through a series of training videos (there are 19 videos ranging in 3-6 minutes in length) with a small quiz after every 4 videos or so. The videos cover how to use the app, how to pick up and drop off deliveries, and how to troubleshoot in problematic situations.Afterwards, you will consent to a background check. The Amazon app says the background check could take 2-5 business days, but it could possibly take longer. If it’s been longer than 5 days, contact Amazon Flex support. Keep checking the Flex app for updates. Once your background check is successfully completed and your application is accepted, you will get a message from Amazon that says “Welcome to Amazon Flex.Get Started.” If your application requires additional information, they will send you a checklist of application items needed.What To Expect When Scheduling Amazon Flex Driving ShiftsAfter you’ve completed the background screening and all other application steps, new options will appear in the Flex app. You will schedule shifts inside the app under the “Offers” menu. The “Calendar” area will allow you to select dates and times when you are available to work a 4-hour flex shift.Guaranteed shifts: Under the “Offers” area of the app, you can claim “Reserved Offers.” A reserved offer is a shift set aside for you based on your ability. You can choose to accept or decline the reserved offer, but there is a deadline to accept the shift, so move fast.Drop-in shifts: You can also pick up Next Day shifts as they become available. Next Day offers are in high demand, so you shouldn’t miss out on your reserved offers. Keep checking back regularly to pick up a shift.On the day of your shift, the Flex app will notify you where to go to pickup your packages. Show up at the Amazon pick up warehouse, a retailer, or a restaurant, depending on the type of delivery. The week before, you can select your hours and get preferred scheduling, or make same day selections and try to reserve 2 hour blocks.What Happens When You Arrive At The Pick Up Location?First, check your shift to see where your pickup station location will be. You will begin your shift by arriving at the pickup station and swiping “I’ve Arrived”.Once you arrive, you can get anything from one package to a whole cart of deliveries if there are multiple orders.Scan each package, select “finished scanning” and loaded up your vehicle. The Amazon Flex App will show you the name, address, and navigation instructions.Once you arrive, you rescan the package and see if there are special instructions (attended, unattended, gate code, call customer, check ID). Sometimes there are other detailed instructions for delivery from the customer.Schedule And Confirm Deliveries Using the Amazon Flex AppKeep your phone opened to the Flex app and follow the instructions, since most of the activities will be done in the Flex app.

The Flex app guides you each step of the way, but you can always call support if you run into problems.During the application process Amazon lets you know that you can be deactivated for these reasons, but it’s is worth mentioning again- don’t do any of these things, or you won’t be able to drive for Amazon Flex.Your account will be deactivated if:

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