Campus Book Rentals Review: A Unique Textbook Rental Service

Looking for a textbook rental site that offers flexibility and low prices? Campus Book Rentals may be the right site for you. It offers a variety of rental periods, the ability to write and highlight your book, free shipping, and more.The site has saved college students over $100 million in its decade-long run, and college students should consider it as a top choice for rentals. Here’s the lowdown on how Campus Book Rentals works.

Unlike most other textbook rental sites, Campus Book Rentals has something of an “easy button” when it comes to renting all your books. You can type in the ISBN of all the books you need, and bring all the required materials to your cart at once.The uncluttered site is easy to navigate, and the pricing is straightforward. Lower-priced books rent for as little as $15 for a 130-day period, but rates can be much higher (depending on the cost of the textbook).All books from Campus Book Rentals come with a 21-day refund guarantee, and a guarantee that the book will be the U.S. edition.

Renters at Campus Book Rentals get to choose between 55-, 85-, and 130-day rental periods, or they can select their own return date. Renters actually get a 15-day grace period (to account for shipping time), so renters can easily complete exams before shipping the book back.

Unlike many other sites, Campus Book Rentals allows renters to highlight or write in the books. Destroying a book through excessive writing or damage means you’ll have to pay for the full book, but a moderate level of writing or highlighting is encouraged.It’s helpful to know that books don’t need to be pristine to be returned.

For a fee, students can apply for 15- or 30-day extensions on their textbook rentals. After that point, renters need to either “re-rent” the book or purchase it. Renting a book for a second period comes with a nice discount.

Campus Book Rentals offers free shipping both ways. Your books will come with a return shipping label. If you need to reprint the label (or print a second one), you can do so online.

Campus Book Rentals has a generous 15-day grace period on all their rentals. As long as the company receives your book before the end of the 15-day grace period, you won’t have to pay anything extra.Following the grace period, you’ll be charged for a 15-day extension. If Campus Book Rentals doesn’t receive the book by the end of the extension, you’ll have to pay for the book. The buyout price of the book is the price of the book less any fees you’ve already paid.

Campus Book Rentals allows users to write and highlight their textbooks, but water damage, missing pages, and torn covers mean the book is unusable. If you return a book in an unusable condition you’ll have to pay the buyout price of the book which is the price of the book less any fees you’ve already paid.

Campus Book Rentals offers a 21-day, no-questions-asked, return window. After that, you’ll have to pay the full rental price.

One issue that often comes up when renting textbooks is the lack of supplemental material. Many textbooks include access codes or CDs that supplement textbook material.Unfortunately, Campus Book Rentals does not guarantee access to these materials, even if the book title includes information about CDs or other materials.Sometimes students can purchase the supplemental material separately, and sometimes it isn’t used. In either case, you should be sure to ask your professor about supplemental materials before opting to rent.

At face value, Amazon textbook rentals tend to have lower prices than Campus Book Rentals, but Campus Book Rentals may turn out to be less expensive in the long run.The ability to select return dates, add extensions, and use the 15-day grace period make Campus Book Rentals compelling. If you have time to compare prices at multiple sites, you’ll get the best deals. If not, I recommend choosing between Amazon textbook rentals and Campus Book Rentals for the best prices.

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