Strange Ways People Are Paying Off Student Loan Debt

Let’s first start off with some of the responses received when we threw this question out into the interwebs.

Takeaway: Most people dream of large financial windfalls that will help that take care of their loans in one day. The truth however, is that every cent counts when paying off your debt. Adopting this mindset could help you pay off your loans quicker than expected if you are diligent about it.

Gene Caballero of also had this to share:

Takeaway: Starting a side hustle to pay off debt is something we have discussed on the blog. What some may consider a bit “strange” about Gene’s story is that even though he had an MBA degree because he was so focussed on getting out of debt, he took up cutting lawns to make ends meet. Gene turned a negative story into a positive one by picking up the intensely exhausting side hustle of lawn mowing – even after he had secured a job – and dug himself out of $25,000 of debt.

Zack McCullock from Your Money Your Freedom also shared a bit of his story.

Takeaway: If you are not willing to/cannot live in a camper and brave harsh weather conditions, you don’t have to ! This was just Zack and his wife’s path to getting rid of student loan debt. A great takeaway from the their story however is the fact that they chose to live extremely frugally for 11 months – a short-term sacrifice – so they could enjoy a lifetime ahead of them free of $50,000 in student loan debt.

Believe it or not, there are apps and websites that will help you pay down your student loan debt. Givling is one of them. Givling is an app where you play trivia games, interact with ads and get “Queue” points that can determine your virtual “place in line” to have your loans paid off.You can download the app on your phone, and you can have thousands potentially paid off your student loans. Here’s how it works.

Check out Givling here.So there you have it – from playing trivia games to braving tornadoes so that student loans can be paid off – people will do anything no matter how “interesting” or “strange” in order to pay off their student loans.I hope it will spark some ideas for you.

Written by Investors Wallets

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