The College Investor $500 Amazon Giftcard Holiday Giveaway

Welcome to this year’s holiday giveaway! We’re excited to spread a little holiday joy with this giveaway! This year, we’re giving away a $500 Amazon Giftcard, so that you can knock out your Christmas shopping or buy a little something fun for yourself (nobody has to know).

While I always keep these giveaways easy to enter, this year, I’m adding a big bonus entry for people that take action. Nothing makes me happier than people who take action with their money, and you’ll be rewarded with bonus entries if you do.

Take Action With Your Money

In the spirit of the holidays and the coming New Year, I want you to do a couple things. If you do these, you’ll be rewarded with bonus entries in the contest.

We have three partners that we love because they help you manage your money – for free. If you’re not already using these tools, you should be.

Personal Capital is a free money management tool that allows you to connect your accounts and know where you stand with your money. Sign up for Personal Capital here.

Do you know what your credit score is? Do you even know if you have “good” credit or “bad” credit? Check out Credit Karma and learn where you stand for free! Sign up for Credit Karma here.

Have you wanted to get started investing but you didn’t think you had enough money? RealtyShares allows you to get started investing in real property for as little as $5,000. ​Join before 12/15/16, and they’ll give you a $100 bonus on your first investment with the code INVEST2016. It’s free to sign up and learn more. Sign up for RealtyShares here.

The Giveaway

Alright, onto the giveaway! The giveaway runs from December 3, 2016 until December 10, 2016. Make sure you enter to win!​

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Written by Investors Wallets

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