Valore Books Review: A Cheap Alternative But Limited Textbook Inventory

ValoreBooks is a college textbook rental company that claims it can save its customers as much as $500 per year. Given the sky high prices of textbooks, this claim seems believable. In fact, ValoreBooks rental prices proved far cheaper than the rental prices of other rental sites (even when you include shipping charges). Unfortunately, a poor user interface, and limited inventory plagued the site. If Valore has what you need, it’s a great site, but that could prove to be an “if”. Either way, you should definitely spend a couple minutes and see if it meets your textbook needs.Check out .

is an online textbook rental site that also serves as a marketplace for selling used textbooks at rock bottom prices. Unlike most textbook rental sites, ValoreBooks has great guarantees in place. For example, it will match prices from,, and if you find lower prices (within 7 days of renting), and it offers a 30 day full refund window (compared with a 21-25 day return window offered by most sites).Unfortunately, the generosity doesn’t extend to the return period. Borrowers who return a book late will automatically be charged for a 15 day extension. After that, borrowers have to pay the full list price of the book (less any rental fees and extension fees that have already been paid). This policy is fairly standard with textbook rental sites.The problem with ValoreBooks has nothing to do with the prices or policies. Instead, ValoreBooks struggles with the customer experience. ValoreBooks lacked several recent edition textbooks that most other sites had. Plus, adding multiple books to the site was cumbersome, requiring constant navigation from the cart to the main navigation site.Renters can choose to rent books for a quarter (90 days) or a semester (125 days). Book rentals can be extended for a maximum of 15 days.Renters can do a bit of writing or highlighting in rented textbooks, but ValoreBooks will charge users full list price (less rental fees) if the textbook is excessively highlighted or rented. The definition of excess is up to ValoreBooks, so it’s best for renters to avoid writing in the books.Valore offers one rental extension of a maximum of 15 days. After that, ValoreBooks will charge you full price for the book (less rental and extension fees that you’ve already paid).Return shipping on all rentals is free. However, you will pay $3.95 per item for shipping when you rent the books. Even with the higher than average shipping charges, ValoreBooks prices (on the books we could find) was much lower than the prices you would pay on other textbook rental sites.ValoreBooks automatically charges renters for a 15 day extension if it doesn’t receive rental books on time. At the end of 15 days, ValoreBooks charges renters the full price of the book (less fees you’ve already paid).If a book is damaged ValoreBooks charges you the initial list price of the book. ValoreBooks sets the standards for damage, so renters should be careful.ValoreBooks offers a generous 30-day window for free returns. This allows renters plenty of time to return books if they drop classes or find that they need to purchase the text.

In an increasingly digital age, many new textbooks come with CDs, digital access codes and more. These features are not generally included with rentals from ValoreBooks, and will need to be purchased directly from the textbook publisher. If your professor requires the supplemental materials, be sure to consider those costs when you’re deciding whether to rent or buy.

had consistently low prices on older edition textbooks, and lower than average prices on newer editions.Unfortunately, ValoreBooks didn’t have some important newer books, so its impossible to assume it will have the books you need.Right now, renters should check ValoreBooks for availability, but compare prices against other leaders like CampusBookRentals before committing.

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