BillBargain Review: Have Bills Reduced by Professionals

Are you looking for ways to save money on your bills? Hate negotiating with your cable company or cell phone provider to try and save a few bucks? That’s where BillBargain comes in.BillBargain is a service that helps you save on your bills – and you only pay them if they can actually save you money!Check out our BillBargain review below and see how they work and compare to other companies.

BillBargain helps people save on bills such as phone, cable, utilities and more.The website is operated by EASE WINS, LLC, which was created on January 31, 2019, and is based in New York, New York. The CEO of EASE WINS, LLC is Derek Dubner.

BillBargain offers a service that negotiates a lower rates on your bills. If they can’t get you a lower rate, you don’t pay anything.BillBargain says they have a success rate of 85% on bill negotiations and can save people up to $2,500 on monthly bills. In some cases, BillBargain was even able to negotiate refunds for Internet service outages. BillBargain works with personal and business bills.BillBargain’s process is straightforward and can be outlined in three steps:Some of the bills that BillBargain negotiates for lower rates include:The list does not include every type of bill that BillBargain negotiates lower rates for. They claim that they’ll negotiate lower rates on any kind of bill. BillBargain works with lots of service providers. The following are just a few they’ve worked with:Just like the bill categories mentioned earlier, if you don’t see your service provider in the list, don’t worry. BillBargain will still try to negotiate a lower rate for you.To get a lower rate, BillBargain may negotiate a 12-month or 24-month contract. They will only negotiate for a 24-month contract if the savings are superior to other alternatives.If you end up in a 12-month contract, your savings are based on the 12-month contract. If you go into a 24-month contract, you aren’t charged twice for two 12-month contracts. You are only charged once for the 24-month contract.BillBargain will also help to cancel or adjust a subscription service. Instead of taking a percentage of savings, BillBargain charges a one-time fee of $9.

Yes, but only if BillBargain is able to get you a lower rate. For successful negotiations, BillBargain takes 40% of the savings. If they save you $200, BillBargain’s fee is $80.A payment plan can be set up to pay the fee. You can spread your fee across 10 months. There is a one-time fee of $9 to set up a payment plan.Why would anyone set up a payment plan for such a small fee? Actually, the fee can get quite large. Remember, savings are based on the lifetime of the contact. If BillBargain is able to save you $20 per month on a 24-month contract, that’s $480. 40% of $480 is $192. Depending if you have $192 laying around, a payment plan can make sense.After BillBargain’s fee, your savings are actually $288. That’s equivalent to $12/month savings net of the fee. It makes sense to use BillBargain and begin saving as soon as possible, even if that means using the payment plan.If you fail to pay BillBargain’s fee when it is due, you’ll incur a $25 additional fee per month. Additionally, if you continue failing to pay, BillBargain may report you to credit reporting agencies.

Visit to get started. You’ll need to enter in your email address and phone number.

Yes. BillBargain uses 256-bit encryption on its website and says they will not sell your information. Using BillBargain will also not impact your credit score.

Yes. BillBargain has a “risk-free” guarantee that if they don’t negotiate savings for you, you don’t pay anything.As for the fee, you’ll have to pay it up front, but it is certainly worth it. There are similar services available, but BillBargain makes the process of saving money on your monthly bills extremely easy. See how they compare to a similar service such as TrueBill.

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