Fetch Rewards Review | Earn Rewards On Everyday Grocery Purchases

Fetch Rewards is an app that allows shoppers to earn rewards every time they shop for groceries. All you have to do to earn rewards is scan your receipts from your trips to the grocery store.Fetch Rewards certainly isn’t the only grocery-receipt scanning app on the market. There is a lot of competition in this space, including from popular cashback apps like Ibotta, Rakuten, and Checkout51. But Fetch Rewards has a few features that help to separate it from the crowd. In today’s post, you’ll learn how to use Fetch Rewards to earn points that you can turn into rewards.

There are three different ways to earn points with Fetch Rewards: purchase participating products, purchase Special Offer Products, and refer friends and family. Here’s how each of the options work.

With Fetch Rewards, you earn points by buying participating products – regardless of when or where you buy them. This is different from other grocery-receipt scanning apps like iBotta, which require you to unlock offers at specific stores and during specific periods.Fetch Rewards doesn’t care where you buy their participating products. As long as you buy a product from one of their partners and scan in your receipt, it doesn’t matter to them which store you bought the product from. This makes it less of a hassle to use than other apps, since you can continue to shop at your favorite stores while still earning rewards.Participating brands in the baby category include names GoodNites and Huggies. Beauty products from St Ives, Ponds and Noxcema are supported as well. And they have a number of beer, spirits and beverage partners as well. In total, over 200 brands participate on the Fetch Rewards platform. See the full list of brands.

It’s always great to earn extra points on top of your regular points, right? Well, with Special Offer Products, you can do that. On these specific items, Fetch increases the number of points you can earn when you buy them during a specific period. Again, unlike Ibotta, you don’t need to “redeem” or “activate” these bonus offers. So if your favorite deodorant brand is on the Special Offer list, you’ll automatically earn extra points after scanning your receipt, whether you knew it was a Special Offer product or not.

Inviting friends and family to the Fetch Rewards platform is one of the easiest to earn extra cashback. For every friend you refer with your unique referral code, you’ll both get 2000 points when they scan and complete their first receipt. Have a lot of friends who you think would like to join? Then you’ll be happy to know that there is no limit on the number of times you can earn referral bonuses.

Fetch Rewards is available on the Google Play store or the App store. Creating an account is free. And you can even get 3,000 bonus Fetch Points if you use the code FRWEB during signup.Once you download the app and put in the information you’re required to enter, you can begin to browse their offers. This is helpful because you can make a list of items to purchase on your way to your favorite grocery or pharmacy so that you can earn the appropriate points.Next, go shopping! And, most importantly, make sure to keep your receipt. The receipt needs to include the store name, the items purchased, the date you bought the items, the total amount and the store address.Now that you have your receipt, submit a picture of it inside the Fetch Rewards app. If the receipt is long, the app will allow you to take up to 4 pictures so you can capture the whole receipt.Once you submit your receipt, you can expect to receive the corresponding points for each participating item within 24-48 hours. Fetch Rewards encourages users to get in touch with their support team if you haven’t received your points after 72 hours. 

With Fetch Rewards, 1000 points is the equivalent of $1 (USD). Once you hit the 3000-point threshold (the equivalent of $3 USD), you can begin cashing out on Fetch Rewards.This is a much lower cashout minimum than iBotta, which requires shoppers to reach a rewards balance of $20 before making a withdrawal.However, on the downside, Fetch Rewards only offers gift card withdrawals while iBotta will allow you to send your money to PayPal. Read our full review of Ibotta.Once you accumulate 3000 Fetch Points, you can redeem those points for rewards. Shoppers can access rewards from some of the most popular stores and online sellers around the United States. You can earn gift cards to restaurants like:

You could also earn gift cards for popular beauty brands like Ulta and Sephora or tech gear from companies like FitBit and Nintendo. And you can redeem your Fetch Points for gift cards to retail favorites like Amazon and Target.If you don’t want any of these store cards, you can also use your Fetch Points to buy a Mastercard or Visa gift card! See a full list of rewards here.

Since Fetch Rewards is completely free to use, it can’t hurt to earn free money by scanning your receipts into the app. It offers more shopping flexibility than iBotta, but less cashout flexibility since gift cards are your only redemption option.But the best part about grocery-receipt-scanning apps like Fetch Rewards and iBotta is that you may even be able to scan the same receipt into multiple apps to double or triple your cash back for the same products! See our full list of the best money-making apps.

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