10 Best Real Estate Websites to Learn Investing Tactics

If you’re interested in entering into the world of real estate investing, then you’ve come to the right place.First of all, let me say that real estate investing doesn’t have to be a scary monster preserved for a few fortunate people. Your story and trajectory may be different, but with the education from these websites you’re about to learn about, you will gain the confidence to get started on your own real estate investing journey.Sound like a plan? Let’s delve into it.

It’s hard to mention real estate investing and not mention BiggerPockets in the same sentence. Founded in 2004 by Joshua Dorkin, BiggerPockets has become a large network of forums, podcasts, books, real estate investing calculators, a blog, and a Facebook community that hosts over 24,000 people.Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned investor, you’ll find something useful to learn — or take your business forward in BiggerPockets’s massive learning resources.

FlippingJunkie was founded by Danny Johnson and chronicles his and his wife’s journey as real estate investors. They have been flipping houses for the last 10 years and share their journey through their blogs, books, and podcasts.If you’re curious about how to flip homes, I highly recommend FlippingJunkie.

An added bonus: Unlike most of the resources on this list, FlippingJunkie is extremely easy to navigate once you land on their website.

Inman is a news website for realtors, real estate investors, and brokers who want to keep up with the most up-to-the-minute industry coverage.This is a traditional media/news site that connects those in the real estate investing world. Plus, the host events and have other ways to connect.

Land investing particularly sets REtipster apart from most of the resources on this list. If you want to learn how to buy and sell land and make money doing that, REtipster is the place to go.REtipster was founded by Seth Williams in order to help regular folks learn everything about real estate investing. Seth hosts a podcast, has a YouTube channel, and has a blog which continuously features valuable information for newbies and experienced investors alike.

So now you’ve learned as much as you can from the resources above and you’re ready to invest in your first property.Perhaps you have the keys to the property and you’re ready to rent out to your first set of tenants. You can learn even more about real estate investing from SparkRental, but there’s more if you’re a landlord. SparkRental is a tool that caters to landlords and allows you to manage your property like a pro.Using SparkRental, you can:SparkRental ranges from a free option to a $39/month option.

Don’t have enough money to buy a rental property? Fundrise may be for you.I’ve written about how you can start with Fundrise with as little as $500 to start your investing in real estate.Fundrise is a private real estate investment trust (REIT). Investing in an REIT means you will be investing in a bunch of different investment properties that are professionally managed. You earn a fraction of the income that those different properties generate.Fundrise also has a number of resources on their website from other investors like you that you can learn from.Read our full Fundrise review here.

Roofstock is a really interesting platform, and one that we’ve been interested in for a few years now. Roofstock allows you to buy turnkey real estate nationwide, online, and their platform helps automate the entire process.Roofstock is all about buying an individual property. They put all the specs online, and you can buy and manage your real estate through their platform.They also have solid training that you can invest in to learn how to get started with turn key real estate investing.Read our full Roofstock review here.

ActiveRain is a website where agents can list their services, set up a blog, and connect with other sellers and buyers. If you plan on investing in real estate, it’s an excellent place to go and learn from hundreds of people who have done the same thing before you.This is an old-school feeling blog that has a big focus on real estate agents. 

Trulia and Zillow are both websites where renters can find their next place to rent or where buyers can shop for their new home.Apart from that, however, both of these websites have resources to learn from as a real estate investor.Trulia has seller guides and chances for you to find real estate leads for your investments.You will also be able to learn about specific neighborhoods you may want to invest in.Zillow will even give you a history of what homes in a neighborhood have sold for in the past.So both of these are excellent tools for learning and doing your research as an investor.

Restaurant spaces, cold storage spaces, office spaces, and warehouses — if you’re thinking of investing in any of these types of real estate, LoopNet is the website to check out.LoopNet is the gold standard of public listing for commercial and multi-family real estate properties. They have a mobile app as well, so you can find listings as you go.

Indeed, there are thousands of resources out there for learning about real estate investing, but these ones will be well worth your time if you’re serious about creating an income stream using real estate investing.

Written by Investors Wallets

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